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to guide you in making positive change possible.

Change is  scary thing, and acknowledging that we need help is difficult, but with my guidance and support you can make the changes you need! 

My approach in therapy is meeting you where you are emotionally, and assisting you in setting & achieving your goals. We will work as a team, and use your strengths to develop more constructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

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But Don't Take My Word For It.

"When I first started therapy I did an evaluation. In the beginning I was very hesitant. Sherida conducted the evaluation for me. I was comforted during the evaluation so when trying to find a therapist I asked if Sherida could do therapy with me. I had already opened up to her and felt comfortable continuing to talk. She welcomed me into her office every week and it changed my connotation of what therapy was. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. Sherida related to a lot of the situations in my life. It wasn’t belittling like I thought it might be. I felt a weight off my shoulders each week after leaving our session.  We would talk for as long as I needed each week and I was at peace knowing I was never rushed. I could also have therapy sessions with Sherida over the phone when I was away at college. This helped me because I didn’t have to reexplain my situation to someone else. I could talk in the comfort of my room and at a convenient time. I grew a lot as a person because of my therapy with Sherida".

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Mind over Mood values simplicity, because it means we can get to helping you sooner, rather than later. If you're interested in working one on one with Sherida to put your Mind over your Mood, then click the button below to get started.

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